2010 Sound Out Singapore

by Starfish Stories :: The Band

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    This is the 4th self-produced Creative Commons music album by two guys from Singapore. Who have non-musical day jobs, but with a passion for producing their own brand of music. Recorded, mixed and engineered exclusively with GarageBand (and everything else done via email).

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    Made in Singapore. To be shared with the world. Enjoy!

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"2010 Sound Out Singapore" by "Starfish Stories : The Band" is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Singapore License. As long as you ATTRIBUTE the music by stating this: “Starfish Stories :: The Band – StarfishStories.wordpress.com” in your audio, video, website, printed materials etc., you are FREE to USE, COPY, SHARE, MODIFY, or SELL (yes sell!) any of the songs from this album. Feel free to email us at StarfishStories@gmail.com for further clarifications.


released July 6, 2010

# Original compositions by Adrian Loo & Ivan Chew, with I-Ling as guest vocalist
# Mixed by: Ivan Chew
# Released: 6 July 2010
# Cover art available at Flickr.com under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 License. Courtesy of Stefano Virgilli (vox.sg), using Creative Commons licensed works by Olfert (www.flickr.com/photos/olofadell/): In a classroom | Pillemarisk

Details of credits at starfishstories.wordpress.com/2010/08/01/music-album-2010-sound-out-singapore/




Starfish Stories :: The Band Singapore

Three Singaporeans on a Creative Commons musical journey. Because they can.

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Track Name: Open the Door (Smile Again) - ft. I-Ling
The nights are long and endless
When you’re miles away from home
The truth is so much darker than
Any story ever told

Shut away
No one you can trust, no hand to hold
But deep inside
Something’s alive within you
That’s called hope

* Chorus
Just open the door
Step into the light
Reach out
And you will find your way again

Take off those chains
Leave the past behind
The night is over
So smile again

Open your eyes
It’s a brand new start
Look up
And there’s a blue sky over your head

Don’t be afraid
Listen to your heart
You have every reason
To smile again

A dream without an ending
Taken away before you said no
Locked behind those dirty walls
You’re just a ragged, broken doll

A living dead
You think the scars are all you have
But deep inside
Your heart beats so strong and fast
So believe in yourself

* Chorus

* Chorus (repeat)